UAE Consultansies: your personal assistant in the UAE

We render professional assistance in the United Arab Emirates both for businesses and private individuals. We have a more than 10-year experience in the services sector.

  • Professional concierge services
  • Assistant and guide
  • Corporate services

    Company registration

  • Qualified Recruiting Services

    Employment in the UAE

  • Professional concierge services

    Personal assistant to deal with your problems and any issues

    Your time in the UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah) will be more productive, if you are accompanied by our professional concierge, who will help you solve business and tourism problems. The personal assistant will become your helping hand, when it comes to leasing apartments, planning leisure time, partner meetings... details →
  • Personal Guide Services

    Professional personal guide and assistant services in the UAE

    Staying in a foreign country is always stressful for visitors. Another culture, people and lifestyle may unbalance even the most experienced travelers. We specialize in providing professional services for more than 10 years to make your stay in the UAE comfortable...details →
  • Professional corporate services

    Company registration requirements

    The UAE legal system provides business owners with opportunities for starting, maintaining and expanding a business. Offering comfortable conditions for registration, lowering tax liability and protecting your assets, the UAE grants substantive legal support for foreign investors, allowing them to bring the company to a whole new level.

    UAE Consultancies renders professional corporate services, which include assistance in solving a wide range of financial and legal problems. When it comes to choosing the best possible organizational structure of the company, its registration, account opening, etc., our support will make your business profitable and safe...details →
  • Employment in the UAE

    Qualified Recruiting Services in the UAE

    Working in the UAE is an opportunity to receive a decent wage, to work in a comfortable environment and to fully realize your own potential. UAE Consultancies Company offers professional assistance in finding employment in the UAE, including the arrangement of documents, interview preparation, local labor law consulting.... details →


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