Professional concierge services in the UAE - a personal assistant to deal with your problems and any issues


Your time in the UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah) will be more productive, if you are accompanied by our professional concierge, who will help you solve business and tourism problems. The personal assistant will become your helping hand, when it comes to leasing apartments, planning leisure time, partner meetings or weddings. They will also provide you with any information, as well as perform everyday tasks.

UAE Consultancies has been working in the services sector for more than 10 years. A wide network of partners enables us to respond quickly to customers' requests and to fulfill their requirements. A polite and competent concierge in Dubai will help you organize your stay in the UAE for business and leisure benefits. We perform various tasks, allowing the traveler to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar country. We implement a full range of concierge services, so that you won’t have to worry anymore.



Car Rental Services

Transport issues, including the transportation in- and outside the city, always take a lot of time. We offer a service, which will allow to rent a car in accordance to your status and budget.

Personal Assistant specialist will choose a car following your requirements:
• Offroader for extreme driving;
• Luxury Car;
• Comfortable, economy class car to travel around the city.

This includes the provision of complete services to individuals and corporate customers.


Rent a Car Services Dubai



Real Estate Agent Services in UAE

Real Estate Agent Services

Qualified staff of UAE Consultancies, who deals with the legal aspects of the local real estate market, will help you to purchase property in UAE or rent an apartment / villa / town house in a short time. We will help you as well to arrange a hotel reservation.

Real Estate Agent Services will make your stay comfortable and the purchase of real estate safe. The service includes a selection of properties with the arrangement of all necessary documents.

Our agents promptly solve any issues and provide a high-level service to the company's clients.


Translation Services

Thematic meetings, presentations, exhibitions - establishing partnerships to expand businesses requires visiting various events. Our professional and qualified personnel will assist you at conferences in the UAE and will help you reach a mutual understanding, when dealing with business representatives of leading business organizations.

Our professional interpreters will assist you during the conversation with your business partners.



Business Meetings Arrangement





ОBusiness Meetings Arrangement

Business Meetings Arrangement

The establishment of business contacts with colleagues, partners, and competitors enables to create an effective concept for the development of your business. Our efforts will help you hold a business conversation with representatives of various institutions and organizations. Your business meeting in the UAE with our interpreters will be a productive business event.

We make it possible to conduct a dialogue with business partners, organizing a meeting at the highest level.





Weddings Arrangement

A wedding ceremony, held in one of the most beautiful and unusual corners of the planet, will make a holiday truly unique. Wedding organisation in the UAE is one of the services of UAE Consultancies, which we successfully provide due to our wide network of partners representing a professional wedding agency.


YYour Personal Concierge will clarify all the details of the event, the organizers will offer the best option according to your needs and will help to make your wedding day special.


Weddings Arrangement


Weddings Arrangement in UAE






Assistance in Choosing Schools in Dubai


Assistance in Choosing Schools, Universities

UAE Consultancies services list includes the assistance in finding schools, training courses, workshops and lectures in the UAE.

Parents are willing to provide their children with a high quality education. Do you need to find a great school, university, and training course for a student or a teenager? Our experts will help parents find suitable schools, colleges, Early Childhood Development centers in the UAE. We will help young visitors of the city feel comfortable in a new place.

UAE Consultancies provides a high-quality service in the United Arab Emirates and allows to solve a wide range of organizational problems in a short time.






Assistance in Choosing Schools, Universities
in Dubai

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