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The UAE legal system provides business owners with opportunities for starting, maintaining and expanding a business. Offering comfortable conditions for registration, lowering tax liability and protecting your assets, the UAE grants substantive legal support for foreign investors, allowing them to bring the company to a whole new level.

UAE Consultancies renders professional corporate services, which include assistance in solving a wide range of financial and legal problems. When it comes to choosing the best possible organizational structure of the company, its registration, account opening, etc., our support will make your business profitable and safe.




UAE Consultancies Services

  1. Registration of a Company
    • Free-trade Zone Companies;
    • Offshore Companies;
    • Limited Liability Companies;
  2. License Renewal/Companies Deregistration.
  3. Providing the best solution in choosing organizational business structure.
  4. Bank Account Management:
    • Opening corporate bank account
    • Opening individual bank account
  5. Visa support:
    • Investor visa
    • Employee visa
    • Family visa

UAE Consultancies operations include comprehensive information support and legal advice on issues concerning opening a business. Any problem our clients have will be solved effectively and efficiently. We’ll help you minimize your time spent on paperwork and other problems, allowing you to focus on the development of the promotional strategy of the company.


Advantages of doing a business in the UAE


Advantages of doing a business in the UAE

Advantages of doing a business in the UAE

The UAE Government supports SME to make the country attractive for foreign investors. There being more than 40 trade zones allows you to register a company in a region with no taxes imposed on the income of companies and individuals and many other favorable conditions, such as:

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • no currency restriction;
  • 100% import and export tax exemption within the free zone;
  • the existence of agreements with many countries to avoid double taxation;
  • strategic location with access to global market (airlines, sea ports);
  • no restriction on hiring foreign employees;
  • simple and fast registration process with excellent customer support.

Attractive conditions of the enterprise registration in the UAE ensure the profitability and financial stability of your company. UAE Consultancies offers professional corporate services, allowing customers to make comfortable business on regional and global market, while maintaining a positive image.

Company Types in UAE

There are several options for setting up the business in the UAE:

  • offshore companies registered in the UAE;
  • free-trade zone companies;
  • onshore LLC companies, which require the partnership with a local sponsor.

We provide services to corporate customers, who want to establish a company with different type of registration. We understand different features of the legislative framework and provide competent support for the legalization of your business.

Types of licenses:

  • Commercial;
  • Industrial;
  • Service;

We will help you get all the documents needed to ensure the legalization of trade and service businesses and the registration of employees. Our consulting support at every stage will implement an effective strategy for launching a stably developing company in an investment-attractive country.


Company Registration Requirements

Company Registration Requirements in UAE

Company Registration Requirements


To register a company in the UAE you will need:

  • valid passport copy;
  • proof of residential address;
  • CV;
  • bank confirmation of the personal account.

Providing favorable conditions for the establishment of a company in the UAE, the government imposes certain restrictions on investors, whose businesses are related to:

  • finance;
  • tourism;
  • insurance;
  • oil and gas sector;
  • automotive sector.

Our assistance in financial account opening and choosing a corresponding organizational form and a place of incorporation allows to obtain all the necessary permits and to start a profitable business in a short period of time.


UAE Consultancies Professional Corporate Services


Our company has been conducting legal and financial consulting services for corporate clients in the UAE for over 10 years. We understand business peculiarities of the region and provide qualified help.




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